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The Best Lipstick Shades for You

July 28th, 2014

Picking the right lipstick shade for yourself can be tough sometimes, and in the end it’s really all about how you want to look. There are many different shades of lipstick available from many different companies, so figuring out which colour shade is going to help you look your best can be daunting at times. As overwhelming as it is, it isn’t completely impossible! Finding the best lipstick shades for certain occasions could save you time in the future, because if you’ve used it once the chances that you’ll use it again are pretty high. Finding the right colour is difficult by itself, so finding the right shade on top of that might take you a little bit.

You want a shade that’s going to make your lips as luscious as they’ve ever been, but you also don’t want to overdo it. CoverGirl offers a great line of best lipstick shades that appeal to most women, so we’re going to go through a few of them (let’s see if you can find one that you enjoy).



Pink is always a great choice for those who are looking to have a good time (but not a “good time” like red would suggest). Some businesswomen have made use of pink because it gives the look of regular lips, but it adds a dimension of complexity that lets people know you care about your looks. If you don’t want to seem like you’re “trying too hard”, then pink is the perfect shade for you. Matte would be ideal, but a glossy finish is just as good.


Purple is for the unique side of you, because not many women like to use it. A dark purple can look amazing when you’re going out to a gala or a special dinner, but if you don’t match it with your outfit it can look a bit unappealing. Balance is what your shades are all about, so balancing a nice purple shade with a beautiful dress is a guaranteed way to rake the compliments in. Remember not to go too dark, because a deep dark purple can come off as a black in some cases.


Red is for the wild side of you, and the lighter you go with the shade the more “quirky” you’re going to come off as. A fruity red shade is going to let people know that you just want to have a good time, while a darker red could signal a bit of lust running through your system. It doesn’t necessarily mean that for every woman, but those are the common “rules” that are followed when it comes to the best lipstick shades. Dark red can be great in a business environment in some cases, but you would have to go pretty dark to take away from the “party-like” aspect of it all. Finding the best lipstick shades for you might be tricky, but there are a few colours that are undeniably good for your lips!

What Is The Best Moisturizing Lipstick?

July 25th, 2014

Lipstick can be rather useful, and it can be more useful than the usual tube if it just so happens to be moisturizing. Lips are very fragile, and they have a tendency to get cracked a dried out whenever the weather (or the circumstances) calls for it. Your lips need to be as healthy as possible if you’re going to really work your lipstick, and figuring out which kind is the best moisturizing lipstick can save you a heap of trouble in the near future. Applying lipstick to cracked (or chapped) lips can be much more difficult than it would be if your lips were well moisturized. It can make the layer of lipstick you apply uneven, and it can appear to look messy and something that isn’t well kept. Looking your best is the entire idea behind great lipstick, so finding the best moisturizing lipstick out there is definitely going to help some people out.

Where to Look?

There are a bunch of ways to go about finding great lipstick, and it’s always a good idea to start with any reviews regarding a product that you can find online. As a consumer you want to let everybody know how the product was (as well as customer service and other things like that), so online reviews is a great platform to get your opinion out. Some of the ideal products to look at when it comes to the best moisturizing lipstick would be: Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick, Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Colour, Tom Ford Beauty Lip Colour and many, many more. Getting a hydrated and full look to your lips can be important to plenty of women, so obviously this kind of lipstick would be ideal for doing so.

You might not find the best products you can get at your local mall, but you can definitely look online and find something worthwhile. Seeing as its 2014 there really isn’t anything wrong with online shopping, and as a matter of fact, people actually prefer to do that these days. Not only is the selection larger (meaning you’ll find the best lop moisturizing lipstick much easier), but it’s also much easier to know about the product you’re getting. Being aware will save you any disappointment when you actually receive your lipstick, because you’ll already know the ins and outs of it!

Finding the best moisturizing lipstick can be a daunting task, but it can be a lot easier on you if you do your due diligence. You shouldn’t be overpaying for a low quality product, and you shouldn’t be underpaying for an incredibly cheap cosmetics product (because the cheaper ones usually cut corners that drastically lower the quality). Find your perfect balance and you should be happier than ever, because in the end we know how difficult it can be to find a fitting and hydrating lipstick. Research is key, but knowing a lot about lipstick in the first place is obviously going to help!

How to Find the Longest Lasting Lipstick

July 22nd, 2014

Lipstick is something that is best used for long-periods of time, and that’s why it’s important for women to get their hands on the longest lasting lipstick that they can find. Having your makeup run and smudge is never a good thing, and this goes double when it comes to your lipstick. The perfect colour of lipstick could make (or break) your outfit, so making sure that it’s going to stick around all night is always a good idea. While most women are aware of this fact, they still don’t know where they can go to purchase it. Lipstick is in most malls, but what about speciality stores? What if the person isn’t able to access a mall? There are an abundance of ways to go about buying the longest lasting lipstick you can find, and we’re going to go through a couple that should help you along the way.

With the advancements in technology that we’ve been blessed with recently being so efficient there’s obviously going to be a few easy ways to go about your search, and the very first place we’re going to start would be Amazon.


Amazon is great for a bunch of different things, and buying lipstick just happens to be one of them. Whatever you can think of purchasing online Amazon will more than likely have it in stock, and that means that finding the longest lasting lipstick available is possible here as well! They have tons of different brands in stock (CoverGirl, Maybelline, etc.) and the online shopping process through their site is easy to understand. If you have a credit card handy, or even some money in your PayPal account, you’re able to purchase your own lipstick from Amazon.


Although eBay is full of used pieces of clothing and electronics it’s still a valuable resource when it comes to shopping for lipstick. The longest lasting lipstick you’re going to find is definitely available on eBay, because the sellers’ community alone is quite large. It’s just like Amazon when it comes to selection, although the products might be second-hand it’s still a great platform to use (although nobody is going to sell used lipstick!). They also have a great selection on eBay, and most brands can be found on it.

There are many other online shopping platforms that you can purchase the longest lasting lipstick on, but it would take us ages to go through absolutely every single one. Some are going to have a better selection when compared to others, and the two options we’ve given here (being Amazon and eBay) are your best bet. They’re reputable companies that have been serving their consumers high quality products for quite some time, so calling them your “best bet” wouldn’t be a long shot at all!

It isn’t as difficult as you make it out to be when you’re looking for the longest lasting lipstick, and it isn’t even as expensive as you might think; it just goes to show how much a little bit of research can help.

Useful Lip Makeup Tips!

July 19th, 2014

Lip makeup tips come in many different forms, but they’re all as useful as can be. Lip makeup is something that women take very seriously, and it’s apparent that the best way to improve upon your facial beauty is to work with your lips! There are a bunch of different ways to go about making your lips as stunning as possible, but many women aren’t completely sure where to begin. Lip makeup tips that aren’t sanctioned by experts are usually overlooked, but that shouldn’t be the case, simply because every tip is useful in its own right. Picking the right colour is really important for your looks, but choosing the right product (as well as applying it properly) is something everybody needs to be aware of. Whether you want to make your lips look fuller or simply change up your style a bit, these tips should help you out in most cases. Soak up as much information as you possibly can when it comes to lip makeup tips, because you never know when you’ll need to make use of one! Looking your best isn’t exactly easy, so the tips that we’re gibing to you should make the process much simpler.

Choosing the Right Colour

The right colour is something that many women dream about, and it all depends on your skin tone (as well as what look you’re trying to go for). If you want people to think that you’re a happy-go-lucky kind of girl, simply wear some bright coloured lipstick (colours like a bright pink or a darker yellow would be ideal in this situation). Red is the colour of lust (or love, depends on how you look at it!), so a night of clubbing should be accompanied by the perfect shades of red lipstick.

Lip makeup tips that are actually useful are quite uncommon, but if you want to make your lips look fuller we would suggest getting into hydrating lipsticks. These lipsticks add a layer of moisture to your lips that can clearly be seen, and it gives them that voluptuous (as well as full) look that so many women crave! Keeping your lips healthy and hydrated is a foolproof way to guarantee the luscious lips that so many celebrities sport, so make sure you’re taking care of them whenever you can.

Lining your lips along the natural edges of your mouth is always the first step towards creating luscious lips, so if you’ve got a lipstick liner make sure that you’re using that. Lip makeup tips like these are pretty simple to learn, but a lot of people don’t implement them as they should. Lining your lips is a technique that almost every woman should use, so if you haven’t been doing this it would be recommended that you do so. Lips aren’t going to look great by themselves, and everybody knows how boring untreated lips can be. Work on perfecting your lipstick techniques and you should be seeing an entirely different side of yourself (just make sure you’re making use of these lip makeup tips!).

The Many Shades of Red Lipstick

July 16th, 2014

When it comes to lip makeup, red lipstick has always been ideal for women who are looking for “fun”, but the shade of red that you wear can have a drastic impact on how people perceive you. The type of lipstick you wear can say a lot about your personality, so when it comes to choosing the right shade you need to know what type of look you’re going for. No matter how you want to be looked at during a dinner date (or even a night out at the club), the right shade of red lipstick will take your look to an entirely different level. It can vary due to a bunch of different reasons, all the way from what colour your skin is to what you’re outfit consists of.

Red is the colour of passion, but it’s also known as the colour of love. It has the be one of the sexiest lipstick colours that a woman can make use of, which is probably why so many people make use of this particular tone. Finding the right shade of red is somewhat difficult for most, but this article should make finding the right shades of red lipstick as easy as pie.

The Shades

Matte red is usually the common shade applied when it comes to red lipstick, but there’s certain circumstances where this type of shading should be used. The perfect example would be Kate Bosworth, as she makes prevalent use of the matte red lipstick. The right shades of red lipstick compliment your skin tone immensely, and the matte red would usually apply to those with a “pinkish” hue to their skin tone. It brings out the undertones and allows for a full look with the use of red lipstick, so if you’re a pink-skinned woman you should think about using a matte.

Fair skin tones have a bit more to think about, but all they need to use a warmer shade of red. This means that it needs to be richer and darker, because fair skin has a yellow undertone that needs to be balanced out with a dark red. The best shades of red lipstick are the ones that compliment your face, and a deep and dark red shade on top of fair skin is an easy way to guarantee yourself a great look. Use it properly and you’ll see the results yourself, just give it a try!

Those who have a darker complexion (some would refer to it as “beige”) need to use the darkest red that they can possibly find. Using shades of red lipstick that compliment your skin is necessary, and lighter shades just don’t seem to fit the bill when it comes to darker skin. Black cherry would be the perfect example of a great shade for beige skin tones, but it’s always a good idea to figure out how dark you want to go. The many different shades of red lipstick can be tough to choose from, but learning which one suits you best is always a great idea.

The Ultimate Question: What Lipstick Colour Suits Me?

July 13th, 2014

While working, relaxing at home, or even meeting up at a friend’s, you, the fashionista, always strive to be appealing; but you may be thinking to yourself, “What Lipstick Colour Suits Me?”. Just in case of this situation, we have compiled an article for your make-up mastery.

It might be hard finding your lipstick colour, but just right before we delve in, we want to focus on buying lipstick, make sure to see if you can try it before buying. You would not want to waste your money on something you wouldn’t like. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions at the makeup counter, as there is no such thing as a stupid question. The employees have fashion as their profession and will give you further tips, judge your looks, and tell you where you went wrong with your looks.

Now that we have the shopping part out of the way, we can get you hooked up with the lipstick colour. Lipstick colour basically tells people how you play. Basically, you’re going to want to focus on the question “What Lipstick Colour Suits Me?” again. For example, if you have red, you may just be a normal gal looking for fun. If you have a pink color tone, it tells you that you are more of a light person, but you can still bring the fun. So, here’s what you need to do, figure out your mood and what you wear daily. If you are a morning person who wears a nice white business dress, then you would want pink, or if you are a romantic woman who is lost in the search of love, you would want red lips, as they match the color of the heart (directly linking to love). Or maybe you are the ‘outsider’ kind of gal who likes to look gothy, look no further than the black lipstick. Now, you want to look at yourself on how you act. Are you grumpy? Happy? Or just a loner? How about how you dress? If you are happy and wear light coloured clothing, you want to keep to light shades of color. Skin tone is also in play, but it is very simple. The darker the skin, the darker the shade, and you should always wear a shader two times darker than your skin tone (making your lips go from boring to sparkling gorgeous).

Now that you found out the best colour for your suiting, you may wonder “How may I make this go smoothly with my outfit?” Well then, we have you covered.

A mistake some women I have seen do is go for both dramatic eyes and lips. This doesn’t work and turns into a train wreck, as you want one or the other. You shouldn’t wear too much make-up, a tiny sweat droplet may turn into an unwanted flood of mascara and beyond other things. For the last tip after getting suited up and ready to go, you want to double check, maybe even triple check. One glance at a mirror isn’t enough, ladies.

That brings an end to our lipstick lingo. Hopefully you never have to ask “What Lipstick Colour Suits Me?” ever again!

All about Organic Lipstick Brands

July 10th, 2014

Finding a suitable organic lipstick brands can be tough for some women, while others know where to go, as well as when to go! Like most other things in the world lipstick is offered in an organic form, which makes use of entirely natural materials. People prefer organic lipstick because there aren’t any chemicals (amongst other things) being used within them. Some people look at their lipstick like they look at their food, if they don’t know where (and how) it’s being manufactured they don’t want to give it the light of day.

As a result, it can be a tedious task for women all across the globe when they’re looking to find high-quality organic lipstick brands, but this article should help you out with your journey! Finding the right brands can be tough in its own right, but when it comes to actually purchasing the product there’s always that “Should I really do it?” moment. Once you’ve looked through the various best selling lipstick brands you can find a price (as well as a colour) that really appeals to you, therefore making the process of searching much easier than it would have been! Soak up as much information as you possibly can while you read this article, because it’s going to come out and help you in the long run (I’m sure you’re not just going to buy just one tube of any organic lipstick brands).


Toxins are talked about a lot when you look at non-organic lipsticks, so using an natural lipstick for your daily routine is going to do wonders for your skin (as well as your health in general). Jane Iredale PureMoist LipColour (which is only price at $20.00 USD) is an affordable vegan lipstick that applies to the organic crowd quite well. Its gluten and “cruelty-free” (which simply means that it wasn’t tested on animals and such), and includes ingredients like jojoba oil and beeswax. It allows for your lips to sport a long-lasting colour, but it also hydrates them and gives them a fuller look. Great quality for a great price, and it’s 100 percent natural!

Nvey Eco is another one of the great organic lipstick brands, and although it’s a bit pricier than the Jane Iredale version (this particular product costs $29.99 USD) it’s still incredibly useful. They make use of ingredients like vitamin E and safflower within this product, and it nourishes lips to give them a smooth texture men will love (and you’ll love it yourself!).

Hemp Organics Lipstick is another one of the organic lipstick brands that’s appealing to the natural woman, and it’s a lot cheaper than most other brands (only costs $14.00 USD). They offer mostly natural colors, but they don’t use any of the dyes other lipsticks make use of (which usually results in dried or cracked lips, and nobody likes to have those). Organic materials are used alongside the natural coloring process of this lipstick and other cosmetics in their product line, making it one of the ideal organic cosmetics brand we know today.

What Kind of Best Selling Lipstick is Right for Me?

July 7th, 2014

Although lipstick is as common to see on women’s faces as glasses, there is an enormous request for knowledge regarding today’s best-selling lipsticks.

Many women often wonder why some brands are priced higher than others that appear the same for a cheaper rate. A great example of this would be MAC lipsticks, ranging anywhere from ten to fourteen dollars, while NARS lipstick can go as high (or even exceed) twenty-five dollars.

What are the differences between these two brands? Is paying more for lipstick worth it? Many women struggle to know these answers. In some cases, paying more for lipstick is well worth it. Paying an extra five to ten dollars can decrease weight, increase wearable duration, help moisturize your lips or even increase shade range for selecting a color.

A few of the most best selling lipstick brands out there are: Maybelline, Estee Lauder, CoverGirl and Revlon. These all vary greatly in price and have different pros and cons to look for when you’re buying for a general, everyday use; as well as a special occasion, like a date or a party. Best selling lipstick aside, there are also many brands not typically recognized as ‘Best Selling’ when it comes to makeup. These also vary tremendously in price and applicable traits. Find the perfect balance between the two and you’ll have no problem finding exactly what you’re in need of.

When buying lipstick there are two substantial factors to consider. One factor is “Can I wear this every day?”, and this is a double edged question. Women want lipstick they will wear daily, is comfortable to wear, as well as appropriate for daily use and look good when applied. If this is a lipstick that can’t be worn daily, is it worth buying for this select occasion? Is it all day lipstick? Also if the lipstick isn’t comfortable it is not worth purchasing. Another factor to consider is “Is this right for my skin?” Whether it’s dry, oily or just sensitive skin in general, it’s imperative to pick the right lipstick.

A good way test whether or not a lipstick is a good fit, best selling lipstick brands like H&M will often offer free samples of lipstick and other comsetics in their stores or through mail order if registered as a member. Some things to look out for are whether the lipstick is waxy or glossy, if the lipstick is scented, unscented, or has an odor to it (usually an odor of wax), the wearable duration of the lipstick, the texture of the lipstick itself and whether or not the lipstick helps moisturize the skin.

In conclusion, it depends on personal preference of course, but paying a few dollars more for a more enjoyable, better looking experience is worth the extra money. In many ways buying lipstick is like buying a purse, it’s something that will be used frequently and something everyone in the vicinity will immediately see, so it makes sense to spring for something that will look and feel fabulous at the same time.

What to Look For In a Retractable Lipstick Brush

July 4th, 2014

A retractable lipstick brush is a cosmetic appliance that almost every woman is going to make use of, and one of the reasons this is happening is because they’re just so good at what they do. Women prefer this type which is all day lipstick (as opposed to traditional lipstick) because of how easy and efficient the process is, and the best ones on the market have a bunch of great features to really help you shine! Applying lipstick can be difficult when you aren’t making use of a retractable lipstick brush, and that’s why some people prefer to use it rather than a regular tube. It allows for precision when you’re doing your lips, as well as a mess-free storage that can only be explained with “wow, that’s pretty clean!”. The lines of your lips can be really hard to work with when you’re applying your makeup, and the greatest lipstick brushes are going to have a tapered tip for ultimate accuracy. We’ve all seen those women that leave the house with whacky lipstick all over their face, make sure that you aren’t one of them!

Professional makeup artists make prevalent use of this product, because it allows them to be more creative with the way they apply their lipsticks (as well as kinds of colours and shapes they’re trying to bring to the table). If it’s good enough for the professionals then it’s definitely good enough for you, and there’s no doubt about that.

Where to Start?

Plenty of different manufacturers have leapt onto the retractable lipstick brush train, so this means that you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to picking the right one for you. Firstly, you need to figure out which colour you’re going to want to get. If you don’t know what colour you want to make your lips how are you supposed to buy the right lipstick brush? Once you have your color you can look at the different price ranges available, as not all of them are going to be prices the exact same. Some will be much more expensive, while others will be cheap (and it’s up to you to figure out which ones are quality and which ones aren’t!). Online reviews could really help you out in this case, because knowing what a woman has to say about the product before you buy it will safe you heaps of research.

One of the major brands that provide a retractable lipstick brush is “ELF”, and they actually provide other pretty cheap cosmetics. It would only run you about $3.00 US, and the online reviews that people have posted are relatively positive. Maybelline provides their own version as well, and although it’s a bit pricier (it hovers around $17.95 brand new) it’s still a quality retractable lipstick brush to look at. Precisely applying your lipstick should be important to you, because if it isn’t you might go outside looking like a clown (figuratively of course!).

The Best Brands for All Day Lipstick

July 1st, 2014

Lipstick is something that every woman makes relevant use of, but finding the right brand for yourself can be difficult sometimes. Having lipstick that will stay on all day can be a bit of a burden, but it’s definitely something that can be achieved. If you want to look at your best throughout your entire day you’ll need to know which brands (as well as which particular products) are going to help you do so! Every woman is beautiful without the use of lipstick, but the perfect shade is obviously going to help out in one way or another.

There are a bunch of different ways to go about keeping your lipstick long all day, things like exfoliating your face beforehand is a great way to ensure that the lipstick will stay for much longer. Other than that the purchase of legitimate all day lipstick is recommended, because it will help you cut down on the preparation needed. Concealer is also great to help keep your lipstick stuck to your lips, and this is a neat trick that a lot of women have found themselves using (try it and see for yourself, you’d be surprised as to how well it works!).



CoverGirl is one of the more renowned brands when it comes to high quality lipstick, and finding an all day lipstick from this manufacturer is pretty much as easy as picking one out. They provide quality products at an affordable price, with their lipstick “Outlast” is only ~$9.50 USD. Being affordable and relatively quality is important when you’re looking for an all day lipstick, and brands like CoverGirl are pretty much foolproof during your search. The Outlast product is equipped with paint-on colour and a gloss stick, so you can ensure that your lips will look ravishing during your immaculate dinner (or any other important even you’ll need it for!).

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is another reputable company when it comes to cosmetics, so you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re going to have a great all day lipstick in their inventory. Their product is a bit more expensive when compared alongside the CoverGirl one, but the name Estee Laufer ensures that the lipstick is going to be of the highest quality. They can be found for as low as $17.50 USD, but the usual price for the all day kind would be about $23.00 USD (which is a lot pricier than what CoverGirl charges).


Maybelline has a “SuperStay 24 Hour” lipstick that is said to stay on for a complete 24 hours, and it just doesn’t get any better than that! It’s affordable as well, as it’s only about $12.00 (approximately!) USD. The reviews online are pretty good, and they do actually suggest that the lipstick stays on for quite some time. If you’re looking for a lipstick that won’t smear or come off throughout the day, you should probably look into this one as well.